RANDALL MADE KNIVES are custom-designed knives from Orlando Florida USA and are made for many uses.

They are highly sought after by collectors from around the world.

From the custom knife range to the highly collectable and rarer Randall Knife Society models.

The knife models have been developed since 1938 when Bo Randall founded Randall Made Knives company.

In 1941 the US enters WWII and Randall Knives gets into the combat knife business in grand fashion. The Model 1 "All Purpose Fighter", Model 2 "Fighting Stiletto", and a modified Model 3 "Hunter" are developed and adopted by many proud troops.

In more recent times extensive research and the study of hundreds of designs submitted by individuals from around the world have been used to model the best patterns and each of the models have been thoroughly field-tested.

Rare and collectable, these are some of the best knives you will find in the market today

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