Gundog gallery


This gallery includes photos of (gun)dogs in action, as supplied by and our customers. 

Tilly on the prairie Tilly and Becky on a workday

Diamond and Ruby with Avery dummies
  Skipper with Dokken duck from Aden Fraser  Gem determined to get a dummy

 KimL German Shepherd with hexa-bumper
  KimL Another German Shepherd with hexa-bumper  TonyV 14 mth old ESS with Orange Hexa

 John with Milly, Ruby and Diamond with their rabbit retrieves
  Cooper on the Beach with Hexa   Mick E Duke with Avery teal

Border terrier with hexa-bumper
 Border terrier water retrieve

German Shepherd with hexa-bumpers
 9weekold pup

Labrador pup with Dokken duck
 Labrador pup getting Dokken duck Labrador pup with Dokken superdummy

Quinn at 14weeks old with Dokken canvas dummy
 Quinn running back with his retrieve

Diamond swimming with Dokken  Diamond with Avery Hexabumper Gem with Hexabumper

Paua with Dokken launcher dummy from P Gill

Spaniel field trial
 Rabbit shoot

Rabbit hole Milly wet retrieve

Fun on the quadbike Milly celebrating