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Keith Fludder Original Custom Made Damascus blade Knife
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Keith Fludder Original Custom Made Damascus blade Knife

Absolutely stunning custom hand made Damascus knife by Keith Fludder famous Australian Knife maker with custom made sheath.

The American Bladesmith Society recognised Keith as a 'Journeyman Smith', only one rating below the top-rated 'Master Smith' and recognised in Australia as one of the top of the class.

This is a rarity and was made in the mid 2000's.  

240 Layer Damascus with a Nickel Silver guard and beautiful dark hard wood handle.

Guard is Nickel silver.

This knife is a beautful Damascus blade in an unusual curved drop point blade and is a true work of art.

It has a beautiful dark wood handle with 3 Pins and KF stamped in to the hilt of the blade.
The handles are shaped by hand and every knife by this maker varies in design, which makes every knife unique.
Top grain custom black leather sheath is custom formed and shaped for each knife, average thickness is 6 to 10 pound premium grade leather and has been meticulously patterned.

240 layer Damascus Steel blade
Blade length 17cm
Handle length 12.5cm
Total length 29.5cm

Guard is Nickel silver.
Hand made custom sheath with unique pattern.

Knife is as new, never sharpened and rarely handled.

A true one of a kind knife from the mid 2000's and a very rare collectible by the Australian Knife Maker Keith Fludder.

Final image shows our other Keith Fludder knife for sale and another beautiful work of art.

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- Biography of Keith Fludder Knife Maker -

I started making knives in 1989 and have sold my creations nationally and internationally. After many years of working my craft part-time due to various other commitments, I am now a full time maker.

I view knives as works of art and put my heart, soul and sweat into making them. I believe knives also have to be functional- the designs and materials chosen must fit the purpose of the end product.

At the present time, my passion is creating Damascus steel. I hand forge my blades and every detail of the knife is carried out by me. I use the best materials and test my blades before I market them to my customers, I find it very rewarding to have quality control of every stage of the knife from start to finish.

Because I focus on one project at a time, I can concentrate on every aspect of the blade. This ensures my attention is not torn between other projects, as this is often detrimental to the essence of the blade. My integrity as a knifemaker is valuable to me. Personal satisfaction with each completed project means customer satisfaction.

Many people who purchase my works tell me that they can feel a certain energy that has somehow been captured in the blade, I love working with the four elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Every piece that I create is individual and unique, there are so many different forms of crafts that can be incorporated into knifemaking, metallurgy, blacksmithing, woodworking, leatherworking, silver and gold smithing, engraving, stone setting and the list of possibilities just keeps growing.

It is my ambition to create works of art in the form of mans oldest edged tool using all the crafts that I have mentioned.