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Down Under Knives: Down Under Special 1095 Steel Outback Eclipse Big Bowie Knife with Black Sheath
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Down Under Knives: Down Under Special 1095 Steel Outback Eclipse Big Bowie Knife with Black Sheath


Only a few in stock now in Australia.

The Famous Down Under Outback Bowie knife in the new design and model 1095 Steel Outback Eclipse with black handle and black sheath.

This knife comes with the New Improved Sheath in Black leather.

Because black is the new black.

The Outback™ has always been our most popular knife, and the most upgraded throughout its lifetime. Whenever we find a way to make it even slightly better, those changes tend to inevitably end up in the next production run. However, all along this development cycle, one recurring theme kept coming up - granted, mostly from people who had never used one, but it's a valid point nevertheless.

What if we didn't just offer improvements... but a choice?

Well, that choice is here today. Meet the Outback™ Eclipse - the proven Outback™ design in 1095 carbon steel and all dressed in black. The handle is all leather and dyed through in deep black. It comes with the same improved Mark II sheath design as the latest classic Outback™, only in black. The solid brass guard and pommel feature a high gloss polish, and the 58-59 RC heat treated blade guarantees it's every bit as rugged and dependable as its stainless steel sister we all know and love. It may look slightly more fashion conscious and you might find yourself oiling it a bit more often, whether it's entirely necessary or not... but it's still guaranteed not to slip on a turtleneck and wander off to sip a latte when there's work to be done.

A massive knife for the great Aussie Outdoorsman.
A Croc Dundee Classic Knife but this is no wall hanger. It is a genuine knife to be used in the great Aussie Bush and is razor sharp.

Overall length: 16"
Blade length: 11"
Blade thickness: 6mm
Weight: 800g / 28.2oz
Material: 1095 heat treated high carbon blade
Solid brass guard and pommel, deep dyed black leather handle
Genuine leather sheath with sharpening spike.

The Outback comes with a genuine heavy leather sheath patterned to resemble crocodile skin. The sheath features an integral retaining boot for the included high quality sharpening spike.

This is a great all round knife and camp knife and are great for everything from wood chopping through to cleaving game and peeling an apple. They hold a fantastic edge and will outlast most people.

As with most knives, the blade may rust or tarnish if the Knife is kept in its sheath for long periods of time. Please store separate to the sheath and oil your knife often.


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Please note the video below is an early cut of the Outback promo video, with incorrect data - the blade is actually 11" not 12".

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