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Pocket Chainsaw
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Pocket Chainsaw

Pocket Chainsaw made by Supreme Products - World's fastest cutting pocket saw. Cut a 3" diameter limb in under 10 seconds. Made of high strength, heat treated steel coated for rust resistance. 28" long with 124 bidirectional cutting teeth. Comes with two handles. Made in the USA.
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The POCKET CHAIN SAW is the Ultimate saw: Quick Cutting, Portable, Compact Hand Chain Saw. This is the longer 28" version.

It's assembled in seconds and can be easily placed back in the can for convenient storage

* Cuts 3" diameter limb in less than 10 seconds
* Made of high strength, heat-treated steel
* Coated for rust resistance
* Saw in can weighs only 5 oz.
* Fits in shirt pocket
* 28 inches long when uncoiled
* 124 bi-directional teeth

Various uses include:
* Cuts firewood
* Clears a trail or campsite
* Cuts wood for tree stands
* Cuts lumber for shelters
* Keep in auto for emergencies
* Clears shooting lane
* Trims branches
* Clears heavy brush
* Removes tree roots
* Cuts in corners
* Cuts under fences
* Cuts fallen limbs for trash removal

IDEAL FOR: Homeowners - Hunters - Campers - Backpackers - Fishermen - Hikers - Survivalists

Used by the U.S. Military. Made in the USA