DVD: Avery's Duck Dog Basics 2 with Chris Akin
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DVD: Avery's Duck Dog Basics 2 with Chris Akin

A retriever that sits steady and confidently retrieves birds is truly an incredible tool for a hunter.  But, it is still only a small part of what these amazing animals can accomplish.  It is time to start heading towards the development of the finished retriever. Train your dog to handle and handle it well in this 3-hour DVD.

As these DVDs are made in the USA, they are Region 1 DVDs. To play in Australia, you will need a region-free or multi-region DVD players.

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Running time: 3 hours

DVD Chapters:

Chapter One: Preparation for the Advanced Duck Dog

  • Terms of the Game
  • Akins Answers - Tools needed
  • Fun Drills
  • Training Grounds
  • Akins Answers - 3 handed cast
  • Intro to Back Cast and Over Cast

Chapter Two: Building and Developing the Land T

  • Preparation for the Land T
    • E-Collar prep
    • Force to a Pile & Center Line
  • Stop en Route
  • Mini T
  • Akins Answers - Land T
  • Land T

    Please note: The use of the 'e'collar (Electric) is banned in some states in Australia and is also not a training device and method that we would personally use in the training of our dogs.

Chapter Three: Building and Developing the Water T

  • Akins Answers - What is "De-Cheat?"
  • "De-Cheat" - Phase One of "De-Cheat"
    • Akins Answers - Phase Two of "De-Cheat"
    • Phase Two of "De-Cheat"
  • Water Force
  • Water T
  • Akins Answers - 5 point drill
  • 5 Point Drill
  • In Close


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