DVD: Avery's Duck Dog Basics 1 with Chris Akin
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DVD: Avery's Duck Dog Basics 1 with Chris Akin


From choosing the right puppy all the way up to operning day, Chris Akin will show you the way in this 2.5-hour DVD to train your dog to be a retriever that sits steady and confidently retrieves birds.  Train your retriever to be a truly incredible hunting companion.

As these DVDs are made in the USA, they are Region 1 DVDs. To play in Australia, you will need a region-free or multi-region DVD players.

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Running time: 2.5 hours

DVD Chapters:

Chapter One: Socialisation, Laying the Foundation

  • Picking a Puppy & Pedigree
  • Akin's Answers - What to do with my puppy?
  • Fun Bumpers - "Hup Hups", retrieves on land
  • Akin's Answers - What do I do with my puppy when I come home?
  • Introduction to Water
  • Introduction to Covers & Decoys
  • Introduction to Birds
  • Akin's Answers - Puppy Teeth?
  • Introduction to Kennel
  • Akin's Answers - When should formal training begin?

Chapter Two: Formal Training - Obedience & Collar Conditioning

  • Introduction to Formal Training
  • Formal Training - Tools
  • Formal Training - Obedience
    • Putting on Checkcord
    • Heel
    • Sit/Stay & Here
    • Sit/Stay & Here with a more advanced dog
    • Kennel
  • E-Collar Conditioning
    • Putting on E-Collar
    • Heel & Here
  • Introduction to Gunfire

    Please note: The use of the 'e'collar (Electric) is banned in some states in Australia and is also not a training device and method that we would personally use in the training of our dogs.


Chapter Three: Force Fetch -- Fetch, Hold and Leave

  • Introduction to Force Fetch
  • Teaching Force Fetch
  • Akin's Answers - Can I continue to throw retrieves during Force Fetch?
  • Force Fetch with a more advanced dog
  • Force Fetch from the ground
  • Walking Fetch

Chapter Four: Formal Marking - Steady to Singles & Doubles

  • Introduction to Formal Marking
  • Steady - Singles & Doubles
  • Diversions
  • Diversions - with a less advanced dog
  • Akin's Answers - Socialize to your hunting environment
  • Adding Distance
  • Adding Birds
  • Adding the Gun
  • Akin's Answers - Making exceptions with friends and family
  • Adding Water
  • Akin's Answers - Teaching your dog his place
  • Steadying - From the duck blind
  • Akin's Answers - Taking the right steps on your pup's first few hunts
  • Steadying - From the pit
  • Akin's Answers - Pup's first hunt
  • Good Luck!


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