Dog Training Book: Tom Dokken's Retriever Training  Book
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Dog Training Book: Tom Dokken's Retriever Training Book

Tom Dokken's Retriever Training Book.
The complete guide to developing your hunting Dog.
One of the foremost dog trainers in the USA.
The complete guide to training your gun dog is a step by step instruction paperback book which will help you understand your dog and how to train them correctly to give you years of true companionship an enjoyment.

A must-have for the serious trainer and novice gun dog trainer

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America's leading trainers helps you channel your hunting dog's huge ambition so he works for you, the way you want, and does so happily. After using the time-tested methods in Tom Dokken's Retriever Training, you'll have a reliable retriever that:

Obeys commands on and off leash
Retrieves birds to hand
Remains steady to shot
Quarters and flushes upland game
Finds downed birds
Takes hand signals

About the Author:

Tom Dokken has more than 30 years of experience turning retrievers into successful field trial competitors, hunt test participants, waterfowling companions, and upland bird finders. Tom is the creator of the popular Dokken Deadfowl Trainer, and Dokken's Oak Ridge Kennels in Northfield, MN, is one of the largest all-breed hunting dog training facilities in the United States.
Tom Dokken has many talents, the greatest of which is his ability to take your happy, untrained dog and, weeks later, return to you a trained companion that's still happy.
--Ron Schara
Host of Pheasants Forever and Minnesota Bound Television
Anyone who has attended one of Tom's seminars knows he is a hands-on trainer, beginning with handling your puppy on the very first day. This book provides a well-illustrated, step-by-step program to develop your pup into a willing and happy retriever.
--Rick Van Etten
Editor, Gun Dog Magazine

255 pages, full-color illustrations and photos


A Primer on Puppies
Socializing Your Puppy
Preschool, 7-12 Weeks
Early Puppy Training
Elementary School, 1st Semester, 12-20 Weeks
Exercises to Build on
Elementary School, 2nd Semester, 12-20 Weeks
Introduction to Birds and Guns
Middle School, 5-6 Months
Formalizing Obedience
Junior High School, 1st Semester, 6-7 Months
Upland Hunting Skills
Junior High School, 2nd Semester, 6-7 Months
Welcome to Waterfowling
Junior High School, 2nd Semester, 6-7 Months
High School, 1st Semester, 7-8 Months
The Remote Collar
High School, 2nd Semester, 8 to 9 Months
Advanced Retrieving
Last month of high school! 9-12 Months
Real World Considerations
In-the-field advice for hunting with any age retriever
Training to Handle
Post-Graduate Work - After the first hunting season

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