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Custom Knife Maker HOPPY Mirror Finish Bowie Knife
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Custom Knife Maker HOPPY Mirror Finish Bowie Knife

Absolutely stunning custom hand made Mirror Finish Big Bowie knife by the Knife maker 'HOPPY' we believe is an Australian Knife Maker

Beautiful Coffin Handled Bowie with 5 pins with a 10cm brass guard.

This knife has a beautful mirror finish Carbon Steel Bowie blade which is approx 4cm wide and has a Black Buffalo Horn Handle with 5 brass pins and is a true work of art.

It has '014' stamped in to the hilt on one side of the blade and HOPPY stamped on the other side which not knowing much about this knife maker, we believe must be his 14th knife.
The handles are shaped by hand and every knife by this maker varies in design, which makes every knife unique.
Does not come with a sheath.

Mirror Finish Carbon Steel blade
Blade length 22.5cm
Handle length 11.5cm
Total length 34cm Full Tang Blade

Guard is a wide 10cm and made of Brass
Handle is Black Buffalo Horn secured with 5 pins 

Knife is new, never sharpened and rarely handled.

A true one of a kind knife we think made between the mid 70's to 80's and a very rare collectible As our information on this knife maker is very limited we invite any other information and the information we have described is to the best of our ability

As information is vague on this Knife maker we have gathered what we can to the best of our abilities and are open to correction and additional information if available.

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